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Embark on a journey where your agency's heritage shapes the future of rentals. Together we'll blend tradition with innovation, redefining the rental landscape

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At , we are on a mission to redefine the rental experience, making it simpler, smarter, and more reliable for individuals, families, landlords, and real estate agencies. Our go-to-market strategy leverages market standard of growth — through consolidation of landlords portfolios We leverage modern AI advancements and tailored automation system we build specifically for our needs. We champion an online-first experience that seamlessly cooperates with our ground team, ensuring top-notch service for tenants and landlords. Our technology significantly reduces time spent on routine tasks improving agency efficiency by 3X times while also elevating the client service levels!

Meet our founders

Driven by operators shaped by experience

We are an agent just like you, we speak the same language

We are a team of talented and energetic professionals. We are experts in operations, technology, consumer products, and finance. We’ve built leading players in the lettings space before and together with our team worked in top global companies like Dexters, LSL, Uber, McKinsey, Gett, Purplebricks, and Rothschild.

Ilya Drozdov

Co-founder, CEO

Ilya is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years in tech-enabled, operational businesses. He was GM at Uber, and then founded a digital-first residential letting agency in Eastern Europe and grew it to 10,000 units under management in less than 3 years

Dan Lifshits

Co-founder, COO / CPO

Dan is an entrepreneur with a background in management consulting. Before founding Dwelly, Dan was youngest Associate at McKinsey in Europe, and then was in the early days, VP Marketplace and then UK GM at Gett, a UK-based ride-hailing unicorn

Dmitry Khanukov

Co-founder, CTO

Dmitry is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong technical background and more than 15 years of experience. Previously, he was a CTO at Uber in Eastern Europe, and then co-founded and run a digital letting agency alongside Ilya.


Dwelly boasts a team of truly passionate and experienced professionals. We can see it from a mile away: Dwelly is the next big thing in residential rentals
Alex Menn
General Partner at Begin Capital

The core principle

Our acquisition process is transparent, respectful, and aimed at acknowledging the value of what you've created

Seamless onboarding

Worry less about the complexities of the transition. We have a dedicated team that ensures a seamless onboarding process

Immediate liquidity

Unlock the wealth tied up in your business. Our acquisition strategy provides you with immediate liquidity

Access to a network

Joining Dwelly doesn't just mean a successful sale of your agency, it means being part of something bigger

Frequently asked questions

Embarking on a new chapter with Dwelly can be a big step. We’re here to address any queries to simplify your transition

Why should I sell my business now?

When owners approach us, they mention various reasons for selling their business. Some are looking to make a change in their life, e.g. vacation, new venture, retirement.  Other owners exit because of the limited growth potential of their current business, e.g. needing funds to speed up the growth, enter new markets, or launch new products. Some are looking to take advantage of the current high demand for portfolio acquisitions - interest in portfolio consolidation will not last forever.

Why should I choose Dwelly over well known Corporates?

We are entrepreneurs who have built a digital lettings platform ourselves. Our team has an extensive background in operations and speaks your language. Our priority is to preserve the legacy you’ve built and take it to the next level together. You receive more for your business than from other big-name Corporates. Your payouts are linked to revenue, not to EBITDA.

How long does it take you to close deals?

Usually, we close deals in 60 days. We start with a short intro meeting, then we sign an NDA and evaluate your business. If all goes well, we proceed with a letter of intent and due diligence (3-4 weeks). Finally, all legal papers are signed, and the funds are disbursed.

Can I receive a referral fee for introducing you to another seller?

Sure, just get in touch with us. We are compensating fairly all referrals we receive.

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